08/11 - SAW: Keepsakes at Victoria Community Centre

I volunteered for a Somerset Art Works project called Keepsakes with Sophy Denny. I have been photographing the workshops over summer 2011 and shooting & editing portraits of everyone involved. Above are a selected few of portraits taken with an excerpt of their written memory. This was aimed for all ages and to get the community to share their memories of Bridgwater. There were various free art workshops throughout the summer where local people were invited to bring in their keepsake. These workshops were held at Victoria Community Centre. The workshops have been leading to creating a map of Bridgwater decorated with tissue paper on a 1.5m canvas featuring peoples' portraits and their memories.

These images as part of the art canvas was exhibited at Victoria Community Centre from 17th September - 2nd October 2011. For more information: SAW: Keepsakes at Victoria Park

Click here to view the Keepsakes blog we set up.