06/12 - SAW: The Great Crane Project in Othery

I had the lovely opportunity to work with Somerset Art Works (SAW) again, this time on their Short Breaks workshop: The Great Crane Project. This is my first paid commission from SAW so I was excited to work on this project. My first workshop, 8th June was documenting the workshop where disabled children created art inspired by great cranes in Othery, a small village in Somerset. Although we were expected to wander in the wilderness and actually sight a few cranes the weather didn't hold up so the workshop was all set inside the village hall. Despite this it was a nice experience working with children again as their excitement and inquisitiveness is like no other. 

Check out the blog here for more information on this project:

Also for this project I photographed the cranes that were painted on designed by artist Kitty Hillier. 
Here are a few shots of the finished cranes dotted on a trail around the village during the Othery street fare, 16th June.