A Family's Evolution

Photographed Jun - Aug 2013 / 'A Family's Evolution' was created over the summer as part of the international ‘Young Photographer’s Alliance Mentoring Program’ responding to a brief titled ‘Escape’. This project is a documentation of the changes experienced in the family as a means to understand my place in the unit and question my identity as a British Asian. Inspired by a quote by Henri Peretz: ‘Every shot is an opportunity to mark the different stages in a family’s evolution’. These photographs explore my relationship between my divorced parents, my step family, my partner’s family and the stark contrast between these three households through formalised portraiture in domestic spaces. Though all the images may seem to show completely different families, it is my unique relationship to each group creating a visual family tree as a means to identify the varying cultures and environments within each unit that I am a part of that brings these photographs and families together.