Centre of the World

Photographed Oct - Nov 2013  /  Reading John Berger’s inspirational book ‘Ways of Seeing’ (1972) and came across this quote: ‘Every drawing or painting that used perspective proposed to the spectator that he was the unique centre of the world.' Inspired by Elina Brotherus' work 'The New Painting', I had the idea of placing myself in the vanishing point as if I am the 'centre of the world'; playing on perspective in landscapes. Also these images represent the evolution of nature to urbanized environments with the sequence of images as if it were happening in one day: day to night. This series of images have been photographed using medium format film during Nov-Dec 2012 taken in new places in Southampton, South Wales and Taunton. Self-portraits taken using a shutter release. All printed by myself in the colour darkrooms. These images are scans of the final prints.